I have better things to do – assignments, errands, the gym and more. There’s always ‘stuff’ to do. And this seems like a bad idea anyway. But you know what? Not today. Today, let’s go and feel the rain. Today there’s no rush to go home when the sun sets. Today, there’s someone to make a plan with and head out. Today, we have the simpler joys, if nothing more – the cold rain, the warm smiles, the shivering laughter and a cup of chai. Today we’re young.

Today is something I’ll hold close to my heart, and take back home; when a year from now, this rain would fall, and maybe one, or better both, would go back to today. We would’ve moved to a newer place – from this town and in life. And reminiscing of who we were, today is what I’ll have. And I think I could live with that.

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