I’ll See You…

I’ll see you, I smile I’ve got bags to pack. I leave tomorrow, to meet newer places and people, I may or may not see again.

I’ll see you. Though, would I?

I’ll see you and maybe we’ll take that trip we talked about. Or you’ll lead me on the unmarked trail that’s the best kept secret of your land. Maybe we’ll meet ever so often, that our stories intertwine. So much so that without your story, I wouldn’t know mine. I’ll see you that night when you catch me unaware. You’re starting to fade a little over time. I’ll add some details to your face, the way I like. I’ll dream you up in my reflection. I’ll see you, next time. Ask you what made you leave everything behind and move here? The million questions I would’ve asked if the phone call hadn’t abruptly made us part. Or the station hadn’t, in arriving too soon, broken our trail of thoughts. We have unfinished business.

I’ll see you. Just a custom when we part – or more? Few words I wish had lasted a little long. A brief moment that seems timeless now. Neither knowing what would unfold beyond that moment choose to trust just that – and in that moment, I hope I’ll see you.



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