Getting out that door…

I woke up to yesterday this morning,

The sun unwelcome, muscles sore.

The emptiness haunting, of everything around,

The colours, the music, the morning dull,

In which pleasure I once found.


I had lost what was at hand,

And gone again too far this time.

Was led astray by a falling star,

That I believed was mine.

Had lost the chance to speak my heart,

in getting the words to rhyme.


As I get on my feet again, the night –

Weighs down on the day it seems.

We’ve been let down but never let go.

Cause it takes a heart to dream.


When you wake up to that thought each day

Why not hold out some more?

A tonne of fight and a little faith,

Can get you out that door.







One thought on “Getting out that door…

  1. “it takes a heart to dream.”, I like that. I used to be a wanderer, now I’m a tinkerer because I have conceptually found my home.

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