Home for summer…

All the places and people and situations we run into, walk out of or just happen to find ourselves in throughout our lives… Each asking a little something different out of us. And we, living up to its expectations.. And then one day, and once in a long while really, you happen to stumble across a place, a situation, that fits perfectly. I am not talking about a place in a strictly physical sense. It is a particular kind of a space really, a relation.. Something clicks and you know it’s right. And something clicked this summer. Unexpectedly. And beautifully…

This summer was about discovering old relations and friendships anew. it was about walking past what’s gone and embracing the new. It was about finding a space where I was comfortable as myself. Not because of the familiarity of the place or the people, but precisely because of the differences. And the acceptance and welcoming of those differences. Because at the end of the day, wherever we came from, whatever we did, it was the passion and art and creativity that bound us all together..

I have delved in the joy of climbing and exploring newer routes, began as a beginner on the slack line and spent hours in the company of another fragment of the climbing community.. And along with the exhilaration and adventure of the outdoors and the unfamiliar, what I cherished was the warmth and love of family during a wedding in the family.. The house brimming with laughter and excitement. It’s been close to a month, and all the memories still keep popping up over conversations at the dining table.

I leave for my next big adventure tomorrow. Back to mountains, as every summer, just a little late this year. And I set out for them with a happy heart, making new memories as I hoard the old.


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