Until Tomorrow…

A gleam of light over shadow cast,
Like a mirror of hope held against the past
And with wilful neglect is a wanting born
To hold once more the moments gone

Taking a moment out for disregard,
For lessons forgotten and remaining scars
Like breaking a charming spell cast –
What the heart holds onto isn’t meant to last

To bask in the warmth of the day long set
In the waking hours, an expectant wait
Stifled under pleasure, my rising sorrow
Through my aching heart, I won’t carry into morrow.

The past has played its part in today,
And not a moment more was it meant to stay
What was said and done was all there was to say,
And only silence would linger if we ever meet again


2 thoughts on “Until Tomorrow…

  1. Hi Tanmayi,  Very beautiful poem. Just got to read it today!. Hope you have been enjoying life as usual. Meet you soon! Love, Ranjani

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