“You can go all your life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back”

This is the first time I’ve attempted a poem in French.. Nostalgie. To all the beautiful relations that touch our lives, and loves we refuse to let go of…

Followed by an English translation of the same, hoping I’ve kept the sentiment intact! 🙂




Aux nouveaux rêves de ma nouvelle vie,

je dois m’attacher.

Une chance le monde m’a offert,

Mon vol, libre, long

Mais sans toi, toi qui m’a laissé,

C’est un voyage sans importance.


Les rues où nous riions ensemble,

Ces rues je seule passe.

Et les cafés bien animés,

Où notre douleur laissa sa marque.

Les fenêtres sont fermées,

Où les oiseaux chantaient une fois,

Chaque chose je crois, je sens,

Il me rappelle de toi.


J’ai envie de nos jours glorieux,

Moi, la Reine, toi, le Roi.

Notre monde de peine et de plaisir simple

La rire frivole encore une fois.


Mais au bas de mon coeur,

je crois fort

C’est le lien qui passe

la distance, le temps.

Qui me troubler immense,

Qui me fait contente.

Qui fleurit avec nos amours

et jamais morte.





To new hopes and dreams I bind myself

Free and high I soar, on this new flight

But what it means to me with you gone?

To find its worth I seem to fight.


The streets that once echoed our laughter,

Those streets alone I now pass.

Quaint cafés ring with silence,

Where our sorrows left a mark.

Perched high where the birds once sang,

Those windows are now shut too,

Each moment I believe in, I feel,

It reminds me of you.


I long for our days of glory,

In the garb of queens and kings

Our world of simple pains and pleasures,

Once more the careless laughter, if only time could bring…


But in the depths of my heart, I choose to believe,

Beyond time and space, the bond would live.

Denying and deifying it would still survive,

on our love and never dying…




8 thoughts on “

  1. Very beautiful Tanmayi! I’m losing my touch with French, though I could follow most of it. Need to brush up again. I needed the translation to confirm my understanding:))  Gr8! Love, Ranjani

  2. hey 🙂 ,
    let me start by telling you that your poems are quite awesome because i haven`t understood any of them :p. Well,we are a bunch of first years from VIT, pune and are starting a student based teen magazine,
    ,,we call it THE FORTNIGHT. I would like to publish atleast one of your poems and travel stories. Don`t worry,, we would give you full credit for your work,,, contact us …our email id is thefortnight035@gmail.com …. we are planning to release our fist issue by 17th of feb 2015.

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