Found… And Lost.

A dream found, a story starts
And every moment plays its part
Now looking back on the naïve past
To know the present wasn’t to last.

A truth found, a trust lost
The innocence that faded to pay the cost
A home found, a mother lost
Where the child once wandered was but a palace of thoughts
A reason found, a passion lost
In the crowding that better sense brought
A road found, a course lost
That led to smiles whose path I crossed
That led to bonds and faces and names
Found again but never felt the same.

Yet to bury deep or build up from there
Both choices lie in the same ground
To count on the shooting star forever lost
Or an ounce of fire still to be found.

A dream lost, a hope found
An anchor lost, a sail found
Rebuilding in saving what’s meant to last
Rereading in hope of making sense of the past
Writing the tale from the ‘period’ forth
A story lost, a starlight found.


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