Alleys Unnamed

Dim lit spaces, off brimming streets
Rosewood, beer and stories unsaid,
A fleeting glance back, and a page ahead
Were heard the whispers, of alleys unnamed.

Silhouettes at the window, under boards unmarked
Dreams and doubts, quietened for shame
The mirage of a world, under the city’s veil
That was born, and breathed in alleys unnamed.

On wayward routes and course unmapped
They almost always found their way
To the only home they could make their way –
To those who called home, the alleys unnamed.

For loves untouched and thoughts untamed
For life and laughter, in the world’s eyes vain
Only found to never go back again
Yet missed and lost forever, the alleys unnamed

Of a million stories that go unheard
Entwined with chords that never found words
Or art that touched hearts and missed acclaim
Echo from the walls of the alleys unnamed.


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