About a month back, a new little member joined our family.. Whether he was a guest for a few days or was he to extend the family of 8 (my parents, my sister, my grandparents, our 2 Cats and I), I couldn’t be sure then. All we thought then was that this little pup who had met with an accident needed help. From one check up at the vet to the frequent visits there, from a bowl of soup for him to sharing our meals, from a corner in the house to our hearts, he came a long way in a short while.

He wasn’t the kind of pet whose photos you click all day long, neither the kind whom u dress up or take to a pet show. He never even got well enough to be taken out for a walk, actually. But he definitely was the kind of pet who would grab everyone’s attention with his expressive, beautiful eyes, who would greet us with a wagging tail, even in the last few days when he was confined to his basket, he would at least, with a wag of his tail make us realise we were loved.

We had him operated but there really was no long term solution for his condition. And yet we were in the hope of beating the odds. For this past week, our life revolved around him. Our plans and schedules changed according to his appointments with the doctor and lessons and office work was now by his bedside.

I have always wanted to have a pet but this little one walked into our lives unexpectedly. And there was established a connect that goes far beyond mere curiosity of a different species- That of undemanding and selfless love and responsibility and happiness.

Things have moved so quickly since he got operated… His basket and medicines and covers are still around… And a void with that. We lost him yesterday night.

I have seen the worst of him these last 2 days, but I don’t want to remember him like that. In our memories, he would be limping around excited in spite of an injured leg and internal organs, communicating everything with his eyes, he would yawn funnily in the morning and indulge in little insistences with the innocence of a child… Our Brownie or Langdu… As we would always love and remember him…


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