Chor Bazaari…

Chor Bazaar, early on living up to its name-Thieves’ Market, is now one of the largest flea markets in India, based in the teeming, chaotic alleys of Mutton Street of South Mumbai. Yes, I did have a pre-notion before entering the market, and I wasn’t entirely wrong. What I did not know however, was that Chor Bazaar is also about honest relations, crazy bargains and a chance to see some the most beautiful antique items and furnishings. This is my account and some captures from the last Chor Bazaar trip..

Chor Bazaari… 

Beneath birds circling under summer skies,

Out of the path of what lies outside,

Set in alleyways of deals and noise,

A place few conceive and fewer choose to see.

Make way through the crowded lanes,

It’s ambiance though overpowering,

When seen with an open mind

Holds stories of the former times.

Its charm lies in what seems raw and dry

A step beyond what meets the eye.

A horde of things that intrigue few,

From vintage works to loot heaped anew.

A prayer call for the honest men,

That sweat among the petty thieves.

In a place caged in bias of thoughts and acts,

That you soon hold unwarranted.

So take a chance and find your way,

And if you see beyond, it may so be,

That what you get is what you never sought.

Chor Bazaari is an opaque thought…


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