What i want to convey through it is that everything happens and everyone is put on the Earth for a reason, though we may take time to figure it out…everything and everyone has a purpose.And what we really need to do is stop judging people and things and love each other and ourselves and accept everybody as they are, unconditionally…even though we might not fully understand them…coz in the end all our views and criticism would just create a rent free space in our minds and do no good to anyone…
so life is all about embracing your flaws and accepting those of the ones around u and nurturing each others strengths coz everyone’s special…and irreplaceable…and wonderful in their own way! 🙂

They were both then born from a tiny source,

and where their minds wondered,they chose to flow.

As one stream flowed, unafraid and sure,

it’s pace unmatched, it was born to grow…


But the other traveled, so hushed and slow,

smothered and lost, yet boundless and free.

It waited for the end that was meant to be,

cause even the weary river, should someday meet the sea.


The wind that lashes in front of me,

Brings endless darkness till my eyes can see,

Unashamed it wipes the beauty we knew,

but flow it does for a reason too.


It burns right down on the gentle rain’s death,

laying barren and dry, i thirst for breath,

we’re all so blinded by the choices we make,

to see the shadows dance to life, in it’s wake.


your thoughts carry, at the cost of you,

all tagged vices and unaccounted load.

It leaves you when you’re in the crowd,

and stalks you down on lonely roads.


There’s a reason they breathe life in you,

and it kills them that they’ll never see like you do,

you’re untamed and unsure, you’re a wonder and a muse,

so break free from their chains, and start anew.


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