A heinous crime took place in our capital a few days back, which strengthened the belief that no women, in fact nobody, is safe walking the streets today.  Being a girl, if i am afraid to step out of my house, in this era, something is seriously wrong! What’s wrong is the pathetic mentality of some people and the lack of action on part of the others. And it brings absolute shame to my country!, a country which always held women in high regard. This poem is an expression of the anger and insecurity which all women feel…and all we are asking for, is a right to our Rights, our undeniable Rights!, and that sure isn’t too much to ask for… 

You’re free, explore the world, they say
Get out of the comforts of home.
Well, my mother’s heart now skips a beat,
When i go across that street alone.

Thought once?, that she was a sister, may be a mother,
like one who gave you birth.
She didn’t raise you to see you go in vain.
And when u stoop so low and shame your race,
How can u look into her eyes again?

When millions out there rely on you,
they call on you for help,
You say you’re helpless in a seat of power,
And abandon their fay.
Do you know how u let us down,
Every passing day!

The angst in my heart against them all,
soon turns into dread
If this is what humanity is coming to,
I’d rather wish it ends!

But we refuse to bow,
Under their wretched stare.
I wish to be fearless when I step out,
Though the streets are ours as, dismally, are theirs.

So don’t make us succumb to their evil,
Because u failed to defy.
And do not make us beg,
for rights you can’t deny.


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