Anon.,Jane Doe, X….. Anonymous…
Ever thought what it would be like… To have no identity? To be no one? Just another face in the crowd,..well really, just a face, that’s it…to be there for someone and never let them know? To have been, and left without a trace? almost like being reborn… Repulsive or appealing??…
Really the 3 reasons why being ‘anonymous’ might not be that bad after all…

‘Oh, that’s just him!’… ‘That’s so typically like her’… They’ve seen and sized us up. What if that distinct person and those distinct traits didn’t exist for a day? Like a new person… With all that you’d want to be different in you, with no one to hold your past against you and expect nothing of you in near future… Like a new identity, fresh start and no archetypal traits that define you… No name, just a being!… Wouldn’t you want to be anon. then?

I had once read  “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out”… What if we did everything to help them, and helped make a difference, knowing they’ll never know it was us, never even know they were helped, actually?… The thought disheartens and elates me to an equal extent! Come to think of it, it does seem quite noble!.. Just doing good without expecting to be remembered, being the catalyst…just a little push over an obstacle and the strength for them to keep going! Makes you feel like a guardian angel o:) 😉 also, being the ‘anonymous’ one gives you a mysterious edge… N I kinda like it! Like all the secret admirers in those melodramatic love stories… Too bad we didn’t have those kind of lockers in school! 😛

It is close to impossible to shed your identity when you’ve been living in this society for so long, unreasonable and undesirable even… The second reason would pass for being more reasonable or attainable. But there is one way in which you can always shed your identity, one way you can always start fresh, one way you can always choose who you want to be and so often change your shades…. When you are a traveler. You really are anonymous in a new place, a new city, a new country. You are exactly what you want to be and are accepted for being what you are. As I said, no one to hold your past against you, no one to expect anything from you. And the feeling is liberating…and indescribable. You are free to travel, free to explore, free to stumble and rise. And the best part is, wherever you are and in whosever company, you can become a part of them. And I simply love the feeling! =)

I often hope I could be anonymous when I wished for it, being a nobody doesn’t seem as horrifying really… but at other times you don’t want to give up your identity. Ok, it is horrifying! All that you’ve built over the years in ashes. Even if you ignore some technical and rationality problems 😉

So the only idea I could come up with to convince myself was to sometimes, just leave, and relish the feeling of being unknown when you are in the present, be with yourself to realize who you really are… Not what you mean to anyone else. And at other times when you aren’t so lucky and of course it is far from possible, until then, well, here we are!…
So what would you be, if you could be  ‘X’ or Mr. ‘You right there’!…??


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