Outwardly, ‘Traveler’ is the story of an adventurer who sets out in search of something more than himself, unsure of what to expect…Various bitter-sweet experiences await him on his path and the nature is his only companion. In the end however, he realizes that the journey taught him everything, that it was the best part of the destination…that the journey itself is his destination…. He’s a wanderer…..


I set out in the starry night,
it’s caring hand upon my head.                                                   
Only truth I know, I ought to leave,                     
Oblivious to what lies ahead…

The untouched trails, the wilderness,
The morning sun enthralls me.
No rules apply on the path I chose,
And endless sphere till my eyes can see.
But the traveler’s is not an easy path,
What sets in is fear of being free.

The first hand I hold in an unknown terrain,
It has to be help, the naïve mind thought.
Until it deceives the faith you have,
And robs you clean of all you got.

So the next soul seems a mile away,
from the place where I now stand.
As I whisper secrets to uncaring winds,
my only ally in a foreign land.

New faces, new smiles I greet on my way,
A new feat unfolds at the break of every dawn.
Some memories fill my eyes,
Forever they would stay.
Would they look back and smile at them,
When my presence is long gone…

Yet dreary I find myself,                                                                        
Under the haven of the night,
Revert to the calling from, I say,
Away from this rustic sight.
When at the crossroads of life I meet her,
Her eyes beautiful yet stark,
Rejoice all the beauty that’s left she says,
As I break down in her arms.

Their voices in the back of my mind,
He’s a foolish wanderer they would say,
Well there are those who wander,
only to find their way…

I open my eyes, back at my retreat,                                 
It’s care and
confine confounds me.
I smile as my purpose makes it way out of depths,
I smile as I realize, its time to leave…


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