Nothing excites me quite as much as the prospect of getting away from the monotony of the city life, even for a few days and go to a place I’ve never been before, not knowing what to expect and most often coming back with something so much more than souvenirs!… I LOVE TRAVELLING!! 🙂 Though Goa never fails to amaze, every trip is a different memory, not always all pleasant but certainly worth holding on to! I love everything about travelling…the journey by car listening to music in the rain, the dramatic conversations and new relationships formed  in the train, trying out new cuisines, clicking photographs!!, shopping, meeting new people from a radically different background, sight-seeing or even lazing around!…everything!!!  Travelling is like mediation for me in some way and it has definitely makes some difference in me every time I return (hope I’m not sounding silly).
Everyone’s got their idea of a perfect vacation…some prefer luxury travelling while some leave with a backpack. Well, here’s what gives me the true Joy Of Travelling…

1-      Don’t pack the iTouch or the cell: Seriously, staying away from my FB account or youtube torturous when I’m here! But during my recent hike, where, thanks to the network problem mostly, I couldn’t even send a message from my fone, I realized it really isn’t that big a deal! And when I had no idea, “what’s going on back there?!?!” , it really didn’t matter… in fact, I was totally where I was with no distraction. So to start with, I sure am leaving all the gizmos behindJ
2-      Don’t care what its gonna be like: Boring? Interesting? Good food? Tiring? Scenic? Etc..Hold it! Let it come as it should… coz honestly, it does seem twice better than it actually is when you skip the assumptions and prediction! The best you can do while travelling is be in the moment!
3-      Its not your idea of right, doesn’t make it wrong:That’s what I keep reminding myself! A rice-hater like me stuck in Kerala… at times like these, why not focus on the fish-curry more instead? Yeah! Too warm/cold for your liking? Weird customs? Even while travelling in India, there are so many different shades you’ll come across and though a traveler should be adaptable more than anything else, sometimes it just doesn’t click! But its just that way, so the least you can do is soak all the awesome stuff in and ignore what doesn’t please you!
4-      FOOD!!! :-D:  Ah…I’m a big foodie! So what I make sure is I get to gorge on the best of local cuisines! I admit, it doesn’t always match my definition of “YUMMM…..” but all the same…
5-      The best souvenir : Wherever I go, I ought to pick some stuff up! Beads from Goa, woolen shoes from Shimla :-O, funky key-chains from Kerala, fudge from Lonavla, Eiffel Tower momento from Paris, Merlion momento from Singapore or a feather from Malana! Its awesome collecting local stuff!
6-      Being the local: The best way to enjoy the city is to be the local! Using their modes of transport, their style of dressing if I can get my hands on something that cool, and as I said, trying the local food!
7-      Loadsa photographs!! : One of the things I simply enjoy, if there’s no time to grab souvenirs, make sure you at least click enough pics of everything! That is the best souvenir you can get back home… and I would suggest that you develop the best ones (though it sounds outdated) , its great fun going through an old album once in a while….coz memories are the best things you can leave with…. J


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