In spite of being born and brought up in India, I think I would never be able to describe it’s diversity, immensity or beauty. Still,this is just an attempt to express the immense love and gratitude I feel towards it for giving me everything that I have today…
Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day! 🙂

1000 ways and 100 tongues, in vain I’d try

For reverence in my heart for thee, that high I hold
And wonder how could I ever portray your grandeur
If thy story, be ever told.
Of soaring mountains that kiss the sky
And dare you to aim but all that high
Of swift winds carrying tales of glory days
And whisper one as they pass you by
Of rivers that span vast-tranquil and unconfined
Of the desert storm that blows, free and wild
Of woods that glint in moonlit nights
And hold the cure to the worst of blights
Of 1000 colors and sundry minds
Of vibrant lights and enchanting smiles
Of heartfelt prayers to the morning sun
By billion hearts that beat as one.
Of sweat in the heat, as they plant the seeds
And once you devour that morsel, their sons they feed
Of battle scars that adorn, the bare chests of brave men
And the gun-salute echoes from our hearts
for those that fought until the end
In place of the roar that echoes through time,
It is a silent cry that I now heed,
And turning my back to the selfless love she gave,
How could I ignore her? How could I ever leave?
And now, the might has crippled, they sigh
As some bathe in riches, countless throats go dry,
The towers rob theirs sons of the shade in which they played
And their pleads fall on deaf-ears now, coz power does get paid
But today again, we rise from our slumber
And take the claim for what has rightfully been ours
Though few start to lose the will and their hope begins to die
But in spite the odds, for you, a 100 times we’ll try.

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