16 till I die…

          I often think to myself, how awesome it is to be 16! I mean, how old you like to be, like forever?…I’m sticking with16 for sure! Coz I’ve never seen more varied shades of life before….and everyday brings something new-awesome or awful…but I love it all the same.

So these are some things my teenage taught me, and I make the most of, being 16!…

Ever stuck in an endless void of repulsive memories that never fail to completely wreck your day?  And no one can pull you out of the trance?… friends…family and definitely not 1 of the 1000 people in your friend-list!…but YOU. Yeah, there comes a point have you ought to just let it go!… what’s the point of regretting and repenting something that you can no longer do anything about! How can you ever embrace the beauty of the “present” if you refuse to let go of the ‘past’?!  C’mon, there are so many wonderful memories worth holding on to (some are popping up in my head even now!) so why choose to get worked up over things that didn’t go your way!… there’s always a new opportunity, often a second chance coming your way, you just have to believe in it and chuck what’s gone! So breathe in (a real deep one) and as you breathe out just let go of all that’s holding you back…and don’t look back! Coz you totally deserve everything “now” has to offer!…


How many times have you backed off from a chance that could’ve been totally yours solely out of fear of failure?  I did that more often than I’d like to admit.  But no more…coz I realize, regretting not even giving the opportunity a shot, owing to the fear of losing is so much worse than the loss itself! (if it had to come).  So have immense faith in your capabilities and grab every chance that comes your way and give it your best shot! whatever outcome… Who knows it might just be your break! …! And if it doesn’t happen to be your day , chill, those who never fell, never endeavored! And as they said

“why do we fall?”
“So we can pick ourselves up again.”

Sounds familiar, eh?


Yeah! That’s the crux of it all! Why  get out of the bed every morning like we’re about to wage a war!?…  soak in the sunlight, feel good about the simple things around you, coz there really are people struggling to get even half of what we consider given! Now, today, this very minute, is a wonderful time to be alive! Just open your eyes and mind to it… Sure, I got no idea what your life is like but then no one’s got a perfect life here! And that’s the point! Each day, you get to work on yourself, and make the difference you can make, and keep pushing your limits! But some days are nothing but dark and in times like those, just have faith in yourself and the power of your belief that it will pass! Coz “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”


This time, isn’t coming back! So seize every day coz life might never be this vibrant later! take chances, take risks, make mistakes (and why stop at 1, make as many as you like) and learn from them, get your heart hooked, get it broken, falter and rise, be proud…and when you fall, take pride in being humble!, smile, laugh from your heart and with your eyes and take a million memories to hold on to!, share a great time with the people you love coz everything might change tomorrow!…in a nutshell be genuinely thankful for all that you’ve got- this time, these people and everything that comes your way! And make the most of being 16… But then again, age is just a number…if you never let the nerves and fire die…you can always be 16 at heart!, However different life would be later! 🙂


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